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Making of Club Web Sites

Changing Banner Colors

In order to change the banner colors we need to edit the style.css file. You will normally find a link to the file at the top of Dreamweaver as all supporting files are opened when a page is opened.

Scroll down to line 101 to locate the .menuBox css code. It should look something like this:

.menuBox {
    padding: 0;
    background: #333;

Change the background color from #333 to #088A85. This is the teal color we will be using for the school. Now if you want a different color rather than the school colors you can find web safe colors at: or other websites. You can also use custom created colors you make.

You can change the buttons on the banner and the rollover effects by changing the background colors code on nav.tm_navbar. Just remember Color: is for the text and Background: is for the banner and buttons. Hover is when the mouse pointer is over the button and activeis when the button is selected.

Adding an Icon to Your Website

To add an icon to your website, you will first need to find and save/copy the URL of your image. After, you will need to go to: to export your icon to an .ico format. When saving, you will save it as "img/favicon.ico", the default icon, and go to your club folder and selected the 'img' folder inside and save it in that location, replacing the default icon. After you replace the icon, then you will need to refresh the 'img' folder.