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AP + Digital Tools

AP Digital Edge is a pilot pairing Advanced Placement Program courses with software skills taught in career and professional education. AP Digital Edge embeds the practice of related software skills in the curriculum of an AP course. Students will be prepared to pass the AP exam as well as the certification exam in the digital tool. Career and professional education (CAPE) can help students understand challenging AP content through applied learning activities, while AP content can provide context that engages students in learning CAPE skills.

Advantages for Students and Teachers

AP Digital Edge will help students:

  • Prepare for success on AP Exams: Hands-on, real-world practice with a digital tool will support understanding of AP content.
  • Apply and practice digital skills that will be useful in college and career.
  • Earn certifications recognized within the relevant industry that they can add to their résumés and college applications.

AP Digital Edge will help teachers:

  • Expand their instructional practices to include applied, cross-curricular learning.
  • Focus their instructional decisions on the most challenging AP content.
  • Earn industry certification in the use of a digital tool.

AP Digital Edge is designed to increase the number of students taking AP Exams and scoring a 3 or higher and to increase the number of students earning CAPE-related certifications.

Florida Implementation

The College Board is working with the Florida Department of Education to implement AP Digital Edge. Six Florida districts are participating in the pilot for the fall 2015 semester: Broward, Collier, Lake, Osceola, Palm Beach, and Pinellas.

How to Participate

To take part in the program, teachers must work in one of the pilot districts and must teach an AP course that has received authorization through the AP Course Audit and is one of the AP courses supported by AP Digital Edge.

AP Courses in the Pilot

Four AP courses — AP Computer Science A, AP English Language and Composition, AP Microeconomics, and AP Studio Art: 2-D Design — are part of the fall 2015 pilot.

Industry Certification

By the end of the AP course, students will have practiced the career and professional education (CAPE) skills necessary to earn certification in the software.

To become certified, students must pass a test that is administered or endorsed by the software makers. These are generally computer-based tests administered at testing centers authorized by the certifying body. Some high schools host these exams so that their students won’t have to travel to take them. The tests usually require students to demonstrate knowledge (for example, by completing multiple-choice questions) as well as skill (by completing certain tasks using the software).

The College Board does not create or administer these certification tests, and these exams test students on CAPE content only, not AP content.

Certification in the CAPE applications can be a positive addition to a student's résumé and college application. Many employers view certification as a mark of career readiness, and some colleges grant course credit for certain certifications.