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PowerPoint 2010

Download GMetrix testing software to use at home. Use your normal Gmetrix username and login. http://www.gmetrix.net/manage/Access/download.aspx

1. Complete the following task: On Slide 5 apply the duration of 4 seconds to the first animation and set it to “Float down”.

  1. Animation, Animation Pane
  2. Select first animation on animation pane
  3. Increase duration
  4. Choose Float Out
  5. Effect Options, Float Out

2. Complete the following task: View the presentation as a Slide show; advance to the Slide titled “Evergreen” and circle the first paragraph beginning with the text “Evergreen Tree” with a pen. End the Slide show and “Save the Annotation”.

  1. Slideshow
  2. From Current Slide,
  3. Arrow over to “Evergreen slide” (lower left),
  4. Click on marker, choose pen,
  5. Circle text, index card (lower left)
  6. “End show”, keep.

3. On Slide 4, apply a “Colored Outline Green Accent 1” Shape Style to the Evergreen text box.

  1. Click on edge of text box
  2. Home tab
  3. Quick Styles
  4. Find “Colored Outline Green Accent 1”

4. Encrypt the presentation with the password 123.

  1. File menu
  2. Info
  3. Protect Presentation
  4. Encrypt with password
  5. Type in password

5. Complete the following task; In Notes Page View, present all slides at 66% size.

  1. View tab
  2. Notes pages
  3. Zoom
  4. 66%

6. On Slide 5 align the bulleted list to the middle of the text box.

  1. Home tab
  2. Align text
  3. Middle

7. Apply a “Breeze” transition” sound to slides 3 and 5.

  1. Select slides 3 & 5 with CTRL key
  2. Transitions tab
  3. Sound
  4. Select “Breezed”

8. On Slide 1, insert a comment with the text “Good picture”

  1. Select picture
  2. Review tab
  3. New Comment
  4. Type in text

9. On Slide 5, format the text box so that it uses one column.

  1. Home tab
  2. Column
  3. One Column

10. On Slide 3 delete the comment.

  1. Review
  2. Delete

11. Display the current presentation in a new window and arrange the window so that they are displayed side by side.

  1. View tab
  2. New Window
  3. Arrange All

12. Create a Custom Slide Show named Sales Comparison that includes only Slides 6, 7, & 8.

  1. Slide Show
  2. Custom Slide Show
  3. Custom Shows
  4. New
  5. Name the Slide show
  6. Add in slides

13. Complete the following task: Configure the slide show to be browsed at a kiosk.

  1. Slide Show
  2. Set up Slide Show
  3. Browed at Kiosk (full screen)

14. At Yearly Sales, add “Yearly Sales” to the presentation properties as the Subject.

  1. File menu
  2. Properties (Right side)
  3. Show Document Panel
  4. Type title in Subject box

15. Edit the photo album according to the following criteria:

  1. Insert Tab
  2. Photo Album (lower portion of icon)
  3. Edit Photo Album
  1. Display all pictures in full color.
  2. Turn off “All pictures in black & white”
  3. Reorder the first text box in the pictures in album list to display below picture 2
  4. Reorder with arrow: Move the first text box below picture 2
  5. Display two pictures per slide
  6. Picture layout: 2 pictures
  7. Apply a soft edge rectangle frame to the picture
  8. Frame Shape: Soft edge rectangle

16. Complete the following task; disable the check spelling as you type option.

  1. File
  2. Options
  3. Proofing
  4. Turn off “Check spelling as you type”

17. On Slide 1, apply a “Grow and Turn” entrance animation to the text Whales.

  1. Select the text
  2. Animation tab
  3. Add Animation
  4. Choose “Grow and Turn” Entrance animation

18. On Slide 4 insert whale.jpg located in the pictures folder so that it is behind the text.

  1. Insert tab
  2. Picture
  3. Select picture
  4. Insert
  5. Send Backward icon
  6. Send to Back

19. On Slide 5 apply a “Water drop” texture to the plot area.

  1. Click on the edge of Chart
  2. Choose Layout tab in Chart Tools
  3. Select Plot Area (way to the left of ribbon)
  4. Right click on Plot area border in chart.
  5. Format Plot Area
  6. Picture or Texture Fill
  7. Click Texture icon
  8. Choose Water Droplets
  9. Close

20. Change the Presentation theme to “Flow” and then change the theme Colors to “Newspaper” and the theme Font to “Perspective”.

  1. Design tab
  2. Click on down arrow at the end of theme bar.
  3. Select “Flow” (blue)
  4. Select Color icon, choose “Newspaper”
  5. Select Font to “Perspective”

21. On Slide 3 modify the chart type to a 3D column chart.

  1. Click on edge of chart to select
  2. Activate the Chart Tools ribbon.
  3. Design tab
  4. Click on Change Chart Type icon (way left)
  5. Column – 3D column (last on first line), OK

22. Set slide options so that each Slide automatically advances after 15 seconds.

  1. Transitions tab
  2. Advance Slide (way to right)
  3. Select After
  4. Increase to 15 seconds
  5. Click “Apply to all”

23. On Slide 7 apply chart style 23 to the chart.

  1. Select Chart
  2. Activate Chart Tools
  3. Design tab
  4. Chart style
  5. Find Style 23 (styles are in order)

24. Save the presentation to the PowerPoint 97, 2003, presentation named Tree Pictures in the document folder.

  1. File, Save As
  2. Save as Type
  3. 97-2003
  4. Documents folder, Name it “Tree Pictures”

25. On Slide 6 modify the Evergreen Foliage Smart Art so that it uses the “Segmented Pyramid Layout”.

  1. Double click on edge of Smart Art
  2. Open Layouts
  3. More Layouts
  4. Pyramid section, choose last one in row

26. On Slide 5 reset the image and adjust the sharpening to 25%.

  1. Double click in picture
  2. Click Reset Picture
  3. Corrections
  4. Sharpen to 25%

27. Edit the photo album that displays all pictures in the pictures folder to black and white. Set the picture layout to four pictures with title. Save the presentation as “Albums” in the document folder.

28. Using the text Delivery Printer2010 printer, print an outline of the current presentation. Print in pure black and white and save to file as “Outline” in the Document folder.

  1. File, Print, Select the printer
  2. Click on Slides
  3. Choose Outline
  4. Choose Color, Pure Black and White
  5. Click on Print
  6. Save to file as ”Outline”

29. On Slide 6 insert a table that has 2 columns and 4 rows.

  1. Insert tab
  2. Table
  3. Select rows and columns amount

30. Edit the left column header field to read “Trees “and the right column header field to read “Evergreen”.

  1. Type text inside table on header row at left
  2. Type text inside table on header row at right

31. On Slide 6 modify the audio clip so that it plays across slides.

  1. Double click Audio placeholder on screen
  2. Audio Tools, Playback tab
  3. Click on the down arrow next to “on click”
  4. Select plays across slides.

32. On Slide 2 modify the bulleted list by removing the bullet, right aligning the text and adjusting the line spacing to 1.5 lines.

  1. Click on the edge of the text box
  2. Home tab
  3. Align right icon
  4. Line spacing, 1.5

33. On Slide 3 apply a Beveled Rectangle picture style to the image.

  1. Double click on picture
  2. Styles
  3. 3rd row last style

34. Complete the following task; view each of the slides at 92% size.

  1. View tab
  2. Zoom
  3. Increase percent to 92.

35 .Delete the four “Section Header” slides from the presentation.

  1. Look on left side at slides
  2. Click on Layout to see if the slide is the “Section Header” type
  3. Delete the 4 slides that are “Section Header” by right clicking on the thumbnail and choosing delete.

36. Set View options so that the presentation is viewed in grayscale.

  1. View tab
  2. Grayscale

37. On Slide 5 modify the chart so that the vertical axis goes from 0 to 100 in units of 10.

  1. Select Chart
  2. Click on vertical numbers, this will select the “Vertical Axis”
  3. Right Click on axis and choose “Format Axis”
  4. In Axis Options, select Minimum Fixed, type 0
  5. Maximum Fixed, type 100
  6. Major Unit fixed, 10

38. On Slide 6 remove the bailing and 2 blow holes circles from the Bailing Whale’s Smart Art. Rename the shape “Vocal cord”.

  1. Select circles
  2. Delete
  3. Type “Vocal cord” in the shape

39. On Slide 4 select the motion path loops in the text “Bailing Whale” and change the motion path shape to a loop-de-loop.

  1. Animation tab
  2. Animation Pane
  3. Select the animation in the animation pane
  4. Click on “Effect Options” icon
  5. Choose loop-de-loop.

40. Set the slide size so that each slide is 11 inches wide and 8.5 inches high.

  1. Design tab
  2. Page Setup
  3. Change Width 11” and Height to 8.5”

41. Add footer in the presentation that uses the text “Contoso Landscaping”. Apply the footer to every slide except for the Title Slide.

  1. Insert tab
  2. Header Footer
  3. Check Footer, Type “Contoso”
  4. Select “Don’t show on title slide”
  5. Apply to all